It was the first Co-operative Model Hospital, stared in 1935 and was a pioneering effort, as a first of its kind in South-east Asia. It is a non-profit organization, and provided the stimulus for similar institutions to be established in other parts of Sri Lanka and South-east Asia

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June 2021

Introduction Generally, the biggest dream of a couple after getting married is to have at least one child of their own. However, some couples do not achieve success in this aspect due to medical and/or health reasons - the common ones relate to a woman’s reduced ability to ovulate, conceive, or carry a pregnancy to term, as well as a man’s low sperm production. Thus, a female, male or both among

Co-Operative Hospital Society (Limited) Moolai Home Visit & Patient Care Service While at your home, Our basic services can be obtained. Our special Services: Medical consultation and treatment. Nursing Assistants caring services. Injuries/wounds care. Administering Saline. Catheter service provisions. Facilities for monthly clinics at home. Micro Enema Treatment.   Contact over the Telephone and Enjoy our services. Contact No: 021 321 2533 / 021 225 0474 WhatsApp : 0741499904              Stay at home safely and obtain our service.

Co-Operative Hospital Society (Limited) Moolai Blood and Urine sample collection at your home This Service has been commenced by our laboratory considering the present Covid situation and security of patients. To obtain the services: By telephone call and give the details. Staff from hospital will call over and take samples. Report will be sent by social media. Will be delivered if required. Contact No: 021 321 2533 / 021 225 0474 WhatsApp : 0741499904              Stay

Co-Operative Hospital Society (Limited) Moolai Accident and Emergency Unit Accident and Emergency Unit Services with four rooms with modern facilities has been commenced in this hospital. 24 Hours Accident and Emergency services from the A&E consultants with low cost. Accident and Emergency Consultants: Dr.M.Luxman Dr. (Mrs).L.Janojini Contact No: 021 321 2533 / 021 225 0474 E-mail :