It was the first Co-operative Model Hospital, stared in 1935 and was a pioneering effort, as a first of its kind in South-east Asia. It is a non-profit organization, and provided the stimulus for similar institutions to be established in other parts of Sri Lanka and South-east Asia

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Jaffna, Sri Lanka
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Laboratory Services

Pathology Services

  1. Blood Glucose(FBS,PPBS,RBS,OGTT)
  2. Glyco- Hemoglobin(HbA1C)
  3. Lipid Profile
  4. Biochemistry- Urea, Electrolyte,Creatinine
  5. Liver Function Test (LFT)
  6. Serum Creatinine with GFR
  7. Gulcose Challenge Test in pregnency.
  8. Pregnancy Test-Blood HCG
  9. Rheumatiod Factor
  10. Serum Calcium
  11. Thyroid Function Test(T3,T4,TSH)
  12. Troponin-1 assay
  13. Uric Acid

 Urine for protein:

  1. Urine -Micro Albuminuria
  2. Urine for Gulcose
  3.  Urine for Ketone Bodies

Seminal FluidAnalysis(S.F.A)


  1. Erythrocyto Sedimentation Rate(ESR),CRP assay
  2. Full Blood Count(Hb, WBC, Platelets, blood picture)
  3. Blood Group
  4. Coagulation Screem(PTT/INR,BT,CT)

Blood Film:

  1. Malaria Parasite


  1. SAT Slide method


  1.  ASOT
  2.  Dengue
  3. Hepatitis-B& C
  4.  HIV
  5.  VDRL


  1. X-rays
  2. Ultra sound scan
  3. ECHO

Electrocardiography (ECG)