It was the first Co-operative Model Hospital, stared in 1935 and was a pioneering effort, as a first of its kind in South-east Asia. It is a non-profit organization, and provided the stimulus for similar institutions to be established in other parts of Sri Lanka and South-east Asia

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Project 2015 – 2020

Projects Carried Out Within Five Years Period With The Donors Support.


(1)  Two Re-cycled Ambulances from Embassy of Japan :

Action taken to get two recycled ambulances from Embassy of Japan, one for transport patients and other for the usage of Satellite Projects collaborated with the Community Based Organizations, making Centres with Volunteers pertaining to the Non Communicable Diseases.




(2)  Sub Fertility Service  :

This service has been commenced and going on without any obstruction.  Patients are very happy to get treatment here  since the charges are nominal and cheap and able to continue their process without proceeding to Colombo or South India.  Action also taken to provide IVF Service by creating laboratory facilities and purchasing equipment for same.  Getting advice from Dr.Jeyandran from USA in this regard.




(3)  Satellite Projects in Villages   :

This project has been an on-going one according to our catchment areas of Valikamam West, Valikamam South West and Karainagar Divisional Secretary’s Divisions. Even though this is an on-going project, little by little Total Number of Centres are decreasing and need to re-activate this project with the Community Based Organizations in order to give awareness in NCD and medical care to the grass root level people.  At present there are only two centres at Pannagam and Chulipruam East are doing this project for more than one decade.



(4)  Construction of Two Elders’ Care Unit   :

There are two Elders’Care Unit consisting of 09 Rooms (05 +04) within the Hospital Premises with the help of,

    (a)  Mr.Murugasu Kanagalingam and Mrs.Pathmawathy Kanagalingam at Rs. 2.5 Million.


  (b)  Sripathy Thillaiyampalam Legacy Project from USA at Rs. 5.7 Million in 2020.



(5)  Renovation of Operation Theater  :

This renovation work was undertaken by Manitha Neyam Trust and received a sum of Rs.6.0 Million. Of which, a sum of Rs. 4 million spent for renovation work and the balance sum of Rs. 2 million is with us and to be utilized for purchase of urgent equipment to commence the surgeries. And also another sum of Rs.29 million is needed to purchase some more equipment in the second stage and instrument at Approx. Rs.3.2 Million.




(6)  Commencement of Accident and Emergency Unit   :

This was commenced with a small room with the available resources in later pat of 2020. Arrangements have been made to treat A & E patients round the clock by appointing two Consultants who are working at the Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.  Repairs have been made to one damaged Quarters at Rs.1.6 Million to facilitate the Consultants.




(7)  Renovation of a Unit for A & E Clinic  :

This unit renovation work is in progress.  Cost of the expenses is Approx. Rs.2.4 Million. For this purpose funds are not available and searching to complete the same.  Once we finish it we could treat the patients here without transfer the patients to TH., Jaffna.




(8)  Internal Roads   :

This work is in progress with the financial support of Sripathy Thillaiyampalam Legacy Project.  Its cost is Approx. 1.0 Million. With these available funds only few internal roads could be completed and searching funds to commence the rest of the internal roads.




(9)  Repairs of Quarters and other Routine Repairs of the Buildings  :

 (a) Dr.Gengatharan Quarters also repaired at Rs.0.3 Million.


 (b) Sratkunarajah Quarters also repaired at Rs.1.6 Million.



(10)  Implementation of Arokya Software System  :

We have implemented a new software to this hospital and being going on which will definitely help us in various aspects.



(11)  Renovation of Main Building   :

This was taken place in the year 2019 by Donors, Dr.Rajasundaram was on the spot and got it done all the works under his supervision.




(12)  Repairs to the Existing Ambulance  :

This is an old ambulance and went out of order very frequently. Considering the need of this only ambulance, Mr.Apputhurai Vithanaiyar Family came forward to do on their own funds in later part of 2020.  Expenditures for this work is Rs. 1.2 Million.




(13)  Purchase of Equipment and Instrument for the A & E Unit   :

For this purpose, Karai welfare Society, UK is funding.  Of this fund, we have purchased very urgent equipment at Rs.1.7 Million.  Amount received is Rs. 2.2 Million.



(14) Diabetic Centre by Ratnam Foundation  :

 This is also an on-going project since 2006 at the hospital premises itself with the financial assistance of Ratnam Foundation, UK.  When all the satellite centres in the village level were working Diabetic Centre at Moolai Hospital was full of patients for further check-ups on every Sundays. This is being carried out continuously and expecting more patients will come and get this service once other areas start the satellite project.




 (15) Free Outpatient Services by MIOT UK   : 

 This is being carried out as an on-going project since 2005 with the financial help of MIOT UK at the OPD which is a great help for the poor patients.



 (16) Leadership Training by Vision Global Empowerment   :

 This zoom training was taken place for all the catteries of staff as from June 2020 to August 2020 (12 classes) which was very useful for the employees.